Let professionals do the trade on your behalf

londotrade.com was launched 2017 as a forex broker and officially founded in 2019 as a management firm during the boom of cryptocurrencies. And today everything we do is based on the principle "We make it easy for you".

Your Capital is handled With our managed portfolio that targets high and possibly volatile returns such as Cryptoassets, Individual Stocks, Angel Investing, and IPOS, we leverage via CFDs to gold, energy, agriculture, and more.
Our main goal is to build the highest data processing force in Europe. Our mission is to offer professional services and be constantly striped by achieving the greatest satisfaction of each client.

Trading Strategies are professionally managed with the goal of maximizing profits. By purchasing a Plan, you are allowing hand-picked specialists to conduct trades directly in your account, based on a tried-and-true strategy that has consistently produced positive outcomes over time.

Allow skilled Londotrade traders to find opportunities and execute trades on your behalf, all from the comfort of your own account.

Welcome to the family, londotrade is the brainchild of the entire team. We've worked together and made a lot of fantastic connections before we decided to launch LTG, I said Paul one day, "paul, let's take trading to everyone," and here you are as a result of that conversation! thank you all for believing in us


my collegues have been the best work experience i can ever ask for, working as a team have been amazing so far! this is a family and as an investor you are one of the team Now.


a huge one for the team and investors trusting us to deliver cordially! i will choose this team over and over again.London trade Team is our idea and is our appointment and we are killing it together in oneness,love you all!



Company number #12366275

londotrade.com are authorised and regulated by the United Kingdom Company House Authority.

Registered office,Level 3, 20 Farringdon Rd,London EC1M 3HE, United Kingdom

Cofounder/Head of Investments
Head of Finance Department
Chief Technology Officer
Sylwia Chorazy
Investments Representative
Veronica ferraro
Customer service representative
Batina Gulüžan
Market analyst
Marcio R. Chagas
Content Manager
Thomas Koutras

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