About Us

We are Londotrade

We are Experts Modelled to make returns from the financial market investing in blockchain technology and Trading Cryptocurrency. Regardless of Our Experience and reliable Expertise We also use Specially Advanced Trading bots that makes our earning more Efficient and Riskfree. People want to earn from bitcoin and yet has little or no technical expertise and specialized trading knowledge required to manage exposure to Make successful Trades without losing money day jumping on Online Trading platforms like Bybit,Kraken,FTX,Crypto.com,eToro,binance e.t.c.

LondoTrade was Born to bridge this gap - by leveraging our industry-level insights,Bots and years of expertise on the rapidly growing blockchain technology .

Our Expertise

We're an Investment Manager with a unique mix of blockchain technical and operating knowledge and financial markets experience from top-tier global investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Citi.
  • We understand and focus on blockchain protocols, the potential multi-trillion dollar infrastructure of the future.
  • We have the Ability to apply core valuation methodology to an emerging asset class and understand what due diligence is.
  • Unparalleled access to thought leaders provides differentiated exposure to early-stage projects and financing rounds.
  • Absolute top-tier, cross-financial-market trading and capital raising expertise as well as risk management.
  • with 30years+ financial Experience,we don't Totally depend on Customised Trading Bots to move the Gem wagon(Bitcoin/crypto trading bots are programs that interact with exchanges for analyzing trading data.)
  • OUR BASIC SOLUTION (LAM Liquid Venture fund )

    Here We Maximize returns by taking strategic positions in early-stage blockchain tech financing rounds and holding them through to liquidity and/or the realization of assessed value. The Fund will hold a diversified portfolio of prospective tier-1 blockchain projects with a strong bias to blockchain protocols and applications disrupting the world's financial sector

    OUR VIP SOLUTION (LAM Greek Funds )

    Digital assets, including Bitcoin and Etheruem are the world's most volatile asset class driven by their high-growth profile as well as the unique investor base that trades them. LAF Greeks Fund uses low-risk, market-neutral futures, options and liquidity strategies to trade the dislocation and inefficiencies this volatility and market construct creates as well as opportunities to earn equity-like upside for providing liquidity to select decentralised finance (DeFi) platforms


    Differentiated, actively managed, long exposure to the rapidly evolving digital asset sector through a high conviction portfolio of the largest, most liquid digital assets with flexibility to invest in smaller cap opportunities and early-stage, illiquid, financing rounds.
    We believes in developing a fast evolving and thoughtful approach to innovation in the brave new world of digital assets.